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Generic Information

The same contestant(s) cannot compete more than once in the same category

If you are performing in a certain age group, you can also perform in upper age groups.

Seperate performance for Each Age Group.

Contestants must check in with our Stage Manager and perform in scheduled order unless our Stage Manager grants special permission.

Failure to comply with any of these directives may result in the routine being removed.

Should the event run ahead of its scheduled time, performers should still plan to be ready to perform.


Competition Structure

Elimination Round (Judgement will on the spot) - 2 Perforamces
Finals Round (Judgement will be on the spot) - 1 Performances
Star Kalakaar Day (Judgement will be on the spot) - 1 Performance
More details will follow, describing the details of each round.



A panel of highly qualified, competent judges will judge all performances.
All contestants, teachers, and parents agree that the method of judging shall be solely within the discretion of the directors of TSK and that all decisions of the judges are final.
Contestants will be adjudicated against a point system. In this way, the contestants receive a more accurate evaluation of their performance.
With this scoring system, points awarded will be presented within each age division for each category of competition.
Studio Directors may pick up their Score Sheet Summaries at the end of each competition day.
TSK will provide on site critique during Finals & Star Kalakaar Night.


Each act entry must furnish their music on a high quality, Email MP3 with Registration No, during the online Registration.
Music submitted on iPods will not be accepted. Only Mp3's via email or USB.
Song title and name of dance & Registration must also be clearly marked on the Music.
Music that can be performed will be listed soon  for both Classical & Non Classical performances.
No Medleys for Dances, Only a single song performance is acceptable.
It is highly recommended that contestants bring back-up music in the event of a malfunction of the original mp3 submitted.
Music can be picked up at the registration table at the conclusion of each presentation of awards.




Performances will be evaluated on the following elements:
It can be further broken down by the judges.

Technique - 20 points total.
Showmanship - 20 points total.
Execution of performance - 20 points total.
Overall performance - 20 points total.
Costume - 20 points total.
There is a maximum of 100 points per judge.

Disclaimer : The following content is subject to modification. Additional information may be added to make it more appropriate & clear. Please keep visiting to get the latest info.

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